The health benefits of running


“The Complete Book of Running” (Complete Book of Running) by Jim Fix, who was a pioneer of the US long-distance running, was published in 1977 and was a breakthrough concept that running is actually a natural activity, appropriate to the human body.

Jim began running when you get older, and found before long to some activities benefit the body and began preaching a run. He realized that running is a natural part of the chain of evolution of mankind since the beginning.

In his book he writes (free translation): “runners, we interweave well in the chain of human history. Running we probably feel what they felt our ancestors 10,000 years ago; help the heart, lungs and our muscles become healthier through constant movement. We are able to do what very few modern people do – imagine humanity since the beginning of her life. ”

“Running is rooted in our collective memory. Is the force that makes us human upper” claims South African anthropologist Louis Libnbrg.

“We are still runners. We were born to run,” says Bernd Heinrich, 72-year-old sprinter who wrote the book “Why We Run” and holds several records in his age group in the United States, has not yet been broken around since the 80s of the last century (100 km, 100 miles , and … 12 hours runtime in the stadium …).

“Birds fly, fish swim, people running,” once declared the legendary Emil Ztofk Jan 5000 and Olympic distance – 10,000 meters and marathon Helsinki Olympics in 1952 armed with countless medals …

These quotations and many other well-known by runners, join the whole puzzle and ancient, began at the dawn of pre-history of humanity, when we started looking savannas of Africa food is available.

Research published in recent years indicate that, running one of the reasons for this significant jungles and savannas survived the dawn of humanity. Over thousands of years of human evolution was “endurance hunter” practice runs (haunted) its prey for hours, until the latter collapsed, exhausted from the effort and fever savanna, and early man could then capturing him.
This can help cure many diseases such as hemorrhoids, diarrhea and other. It can also cure tonsil stones – without any surgery.

As writer Christopher McDougall in his book “Born to Run”: “Walking spring, sweat glands, smooth skin, body vertically reduces exposure to the sun – no wonder that a man born long-distance running. In fact, members of the tribe of Bushmen in South Africa hunting antelope is not using a bow and arrow, but the chase 5 hours run after which the antelope falls to her death. ”

The human race is inferior to other animals when it comes to survival: Most wild animals strong and fast and cost him much more effective camouflage. But no animal is unable to run for 4, 5, 6, or even 24 hours … in a row.

One of the main reasons that we can do what other animals can not – is his highly of the human body to cool itself through the millions of sweat glands covering the body factions. In addition, the human body has more unique physiological features that support running: strong tendons are used as a shock absorber and routes of energy; Standing on two feet rather than four; Buttock muscles that balance the body running; Head straight and flat, allowing the center of gravity to be closer to your body. All these and more, allows a person to be the most successful hunter hot African savannah.

Comparing speeds and runtimes between man he hunted in the past, and many still hunt so in the present, create the following image:

Hare able to run 70 miles per hour for about 45 seconds.

Fox may reach speeds of 60 mph, but persist in this little time.

Cheetah – the fastest animal in the animal world – could reach speeds of 110 miles per hour, but if it does not catch the prey within 30 seconds, she gives up and needs a rest until its next hunting experience.

Wolves, who hunt the band, chasing prey no more than 15 minutes straight before risking heat stroke which can cause death.

Antelope-distance runner is probably the most effective medium in nature and easily able to run 10 km. But beyond 30 km is in danger, because the body does not have enough energy, her body temperature rises to dangerous levels, and it must stop, or die .. . For this reason skilled human hunters, able to pursue their prey, until his death.

Only one has evolutionary features that allow it to run at variable speeds for hours …

This unique physiological capacity of the human race, together with our mental ability to imagine what is the goal of the run, it allowed us since the dawn of history to be so effective hunters: Imagine the ancient world, probably, during the pursuit the end – our successful hunt on fire. While they almost ran we envision our smile at the finish line of the race and the starting line of the next race.

Many people ask me, “Why run ?, what’s wrong about taking a car …”

So first I’m enjoying it. And Hotzmizh evolutionarily were born to run. Nowadays, in the Western world, living in the era of the instant, everything has to happen quickly and now. Running does not fall in this category. To run, need time, patience, endurance, patience … who ran all of these keywords.

If you avoid injuries related to running, running is a gift for life: health, strength, ability, endurance, joy.

To avoid injuries, we run as our forebears wanted; Like his nephew was still running wild hunt, and even as small children not yet “spoiled” run – first watching toddlers impulsive and easily’ll notice the difference.

Luckily, the system was developed – Chi Running by Danny Dreyer, prevents the majority of the injuries above.

The next time you are asked why you’re running, wondering simple answer: “Because it’s in our nature, it makes us feel good.”

To me it really does just fine.